About Streetwood Design

Make a statement in your home or business with handmade reclaimed wood furniture and home decor. When searching for a different way to include a unique design with style, quality, and function, Streetwood Design is a great choice!

Where Rustic Meets Refined

Streetwood Design is a family owned small business based just outside of Tyler in East Texas making quality handmade reclaimed wood furniture and home decor with rustic pallet wood. I call it Streetwood sourced from all corners of America. Every piece is handmade with style to make it a conversation piece in your home or business, quality to last for generations without question, and function that serves a purpose for you daily.

Browse the Streetwood Design shop where you can buy quality handmade reclaimed wood furniture and home decor. You can make custom revisions on existing products, or get a custom design from your own ideas.  If you like something you found elsewhere, I make knockoffs too.

“Every piece has a unique natural beauty to show and a second chance to shine in your home or business. I look forward to making something you are proud to own.”

Mark Hicks – Woodsmith
Streetwood Design

Why Buy from Streetwood Design?

Streetwood Design Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Decor Made In The USA